The GlySt@t solution is pretty open and flexible, and can be customized and adapted to multiple needs. Its benefits are however mostly evident in the following situations:

  • Provide full traceability and monitoring of non-connected POCT equipment.

  • Simplify and automate the POCT audits procedures currently performed on paper.

  • Perform onsite audits of non-connected equipment by point of care personnel.

  • Guarantee POCT beyond the minimal requirements (by means of external audits).

  • Foster collaboration of hospital stakeholders (pharmacists, biology technicians, care unit managers) around the biologist.

  • Report and document to the biologist emerging issues from the care units by means of specific surveys defined by the biologist and validated with the care unit manager.

  • Allow the biologist to follow the evolution of the reagent lots according to the actual conditions in the care units and through time.